Photograph by Bill Bamberger

The Jeering Crowd: NORMAN SANTIAGO as Tuma is the guerrilla pointing a gun at Batista’s surrendering soldiers. Extras playing the townspeople of Santa Clara, jeer in the background. One of the Batista extras in the foreground (second from right) caused this scene to be reshot several times because he could not wipe a smile off of his face. It seemed he too was siding with the rebels!

  1. Extras from Campeche, Mexico who play rebel soldiers fighting with Che Guevara in the battle of  Santa Clara.  At the end of each day on set, extras gathered to turn in their rifles and other gear – and to relax. Photograph by Alex Harris
  2. An extra from the Mexican town of Campeche plays a rebel soldier for Steven Soderbergh's CHE.  Photograph by Alex Harris.
  3. Othello Rensoli plays Pombo. Rensoli is awaiting his next scene while other actors playing rebel soldiers practice their assault on Batista’s forces holding the town square. In real life, Pombo also fought with Che to create a revolution in Bolivia in