Contains No Phosphates

SWM, 30, 100% biodegradable, non-smoker, drug free and honest. Machine wash separately with down to earth values and have a tumbling dry good time. Seeks one normal cycle, attractive, creative, outgoing, but sensitive modern SWF softener to share friendship, and to iron on this fun-loving, 6’1” human.

  1. Values Closeness
  2. Strikingly Lovely
  3. A & F Reliable Goods
  4. Single, black female, 33.
  5. Bright, classy lady
  6. Nice looking DWM
  7. DWM 43.
  8. Gorgeous blue eyes
  9. Rare Bird
  10. Complete the Picture
  11. Viens sur mon coeur
  12. Take a Peek
  13. Contains No Phosphates
  14. Child of 60s
  15. Child of 60s